Spray Foam Roofing

With unmatched R-value per square inch and the ability to expand up to 30 times its volume, our products insulate more completely than any other material available. In fact, a BaySeal® roof usually pays for itself in energy savings in just 4 years.


Our Spray Foam Roofing products are the key to a tighter building envelope and improved energy efficiency.

BaySeal® Roofing 2.7 >

BaySeal® Roofing 2.7 >

Superior Building Performance

Our Spray Foam Roofing products expand into every crack, seam and joint to keep moisture, heat and cold away for good.

Committed to Quality.

Products in our high quality Spray Foam Roofing series are specially formulated for consistent performance and rigorously tested to meet today’s building codes and standards.

Made for Commercial Projects.

BaySeal®’s higher density spray foam products deliver an even tighter seal and higher R-Value per inch for the ultimate in consistent temperature control, moisture resistance and added structural support.

Complete your BaySeal® Roofing system with our
protective roof coating line.

Roof Coatings

Why use BaySeal® Spray Foam Roofing?

High Performance 

Closed Cell Foam delivers superior insulation.


High strength, yet lightweight solid.


Fast, safe installation. 


Adheres to nearly any substrate, even in the smallest cracks.


A BaySeal roof pays for itself in energy savings.

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