Roof Coating

Used together with our Spray Foam Roofing solutions, our Roof Coatings achieve unmatched energy efficiency and improve overall building performance for a virtually a maintenance-free roof that lasts.


Create a seamless, watertight and energy efficient roof designed to resist even the most extreme weather conditions.

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A One-Two Punch.

Paired with BaySeal®’s Spray Foam Roofing products, our commercial and industrial Roof Coatings create light-reflective and completely insulated roof that delivers superior energy efficiency and ideal building performance.

Virtually Maintenance Free.

By creating one continuous surface, BaySeal® Spray Foam Roofing Solutions are specially designed to be leak-free, resist high winds and endure extreme temperatures and prolong the life of your building.

Tested for Quality.

We thoroughly test our Roof Coatings to ensure that they not only meet relevant building codes and standards, but also deliver consistent, reliable performance.

Complete your BaySeal® Roofing system with our spray
foam roofing products.

Roof Coatings

Why use BaySeal® Roof Coatings?

Spray Application for consistent quality and fast installation in any temperature.

Highly Light- Reflective Surface for superior energy efficiency; keeps interior roof ductwork cooler for even lower heating and cooling costs.

Adheres to most materials for excellent roof restoration results.

Leak-Free, Wind-Proof Performance from a single, continuous layer.

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